Just 7 Steps - Your New Logo Ready !!

Eatlogos First Step

First Step

Choose a logo and download to your local directory of your choice. (for example you may have downloaded a 'V' shaped logo and the file extension would be v-shape.ai)

Eatlogos Secound Step

Secound Step

Open the downloaded file in image editors such as Adobe Illustator, Corel Draw, or any Vector editing software that suppors AI format. Just find the ungroup option in your software, selected the image, and click 'Ungroup'

Eatlogos Third Step

Third Step

Copy and duplicate the shapes, and rotate as the way you want.

Eatlogos Fourth Step

Fourth Step

Make a Copy of the rotated set and place apart above

Eatlogos Fifth Step

Fifth Step

Now Just Select the copied pair of shape, and Flip Horizontal

Eatlogos Sixth Step

Sixth Step

Change the colors of the individual shape, that you would like most.

Eatlogos Seventh Step

Seventh Step

Type your business name or company, as shown in any font that pleases you. and thats it, the rest is limited by your imagination and creativity, Choose any logo from our library, use it the way you want.

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